Stable releases

Download Requirements
Windows PC-BASIC release page on GitHub Windows XP and above
OS X PC-BASIC release page on GitHub OS X 10.6 and above
Python PC-BASIC release page on GitHub Linux, FreeBSD or any other system that runs Python 2.7

Latest development release

For the latest development (pre-)releases, please visit the PC-BASIC release page on GitHub.


Get going

PC-BASIC will run on any system that supports Python and, for a graphical interface, PyGame. The packaged releases for Windows and OS X run out of the box. So does the source release on Debian, Ubuntu, Mint and Fedora; on all architectures. On other Linux and Unix systems, the source distribution will install automatically but you will need to manually install dependencies.

See the PC-BASIC README for a list of packages and installation instructions.

Bugs and features

Should you find a bug or wish to request a feature, please post a message on the discussion page.